TM9040 Clearing 40×36 oil on panel

So many storms, so many gray skies – it was such a pleasure to finally see the blue returning. Rambunctious rollers and lifting clouds say it all. Enjoy.


Toward Evening

TM9034 Toward Evening 36×40 oil on panel

The bar of turquoise on the horizon was the starting point for this meditation on evening. There’s a hint of coral in the sky, more like an afterglow and counterpoint to the turquoise, along with a ghost of teal green near the shallows. Like the colors, the action in the water is predictably rhythmic and soothing. Maybe it’s a painted lullaby…..enjoy.


As It Was Meant to Be

TM9033 As It Was Meant to Be 36×60 oil on panel

Of course there is no one way for the ocean to be, or a wave, but in my imagination this is what I see – a luminous wave in a watery world, making my acquaintance on a sunlit day.  This is my meditation wave, the one that gets me through, the one I remember. And it’s for you too. Enjoy.

TM9033 As It Was Meant to Be – close-up from right of center

TM9033 As It Was Meant to Be – detail from foreground

Poem for a Playful Wave

TM9032 Poem for a Playful Wave 36×54 oil on panel

Some days, it seems like the waves are teasing me, with each crest sliding and dancing its way to shore. I hardly have time to see what’s happening before another little surprise bounces its way toward me. Later in the studio, I have just as much fun figuring out ways to capture those hiccups of water and splash. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9032 Poem for a Playful Wave – detail from left of center showing splash and spume

TM9032 Poem for a Playful Wave – detail

Song for a Blue Horizon

TM9025 Song for a Blue Horizon 36×54 oil on panel

Which is the perfect wave? And would I recognize it or hear it? Song for a Blue Horizon starts where the sky and water meet, but quickly zooms in on a breaking wave – one that will soon cover our toes. The colors – from cobalt to viridian to aqua with a range of whites describe a glorious summer day on the coast. The musicality of all that moving water, with its subtle variations and intervals, is a joy for the ear and a gift to the spirit. Enjoy.


Strong Tides Part Two

Who could get tired of the hypnotizing effect of watching the waves come in? Not me. Below are four more small oils, alliteratively delivered for your enjoyment.

Strong Tides Part One

The small oil on paper paintings are the best way I know to practice improvisational painting. The inspiration can be plein air looking,  or a few photographs taken on a walk. Either way, doing the paintings as quickly as possible, and feeling free to exaggerate, pretend, make mistakes, and try again….allows the imagination to roam while being anchored to reality. While the results look good, it’s the lessons learned from the accidents and the freedom to improvise that I hope will carry over to the larger paintings.