Strong Tides Part Two

Who could get tired of the hypnotizing effect of watching the waves come in? Not me. Below are four more small oils, alliteratively delivered for your enjoyment.

Strong Tides Part One

The small oil on paper paintings are the best way I know to practice improvisational painting. The inspiration can be plein air looking,  or a few photographs taken on a walk. Either way, doing the paintings as quickly as possible, and feeling free to exaggerate, pretend, make mistakes, and try again….allows the imagination to roam while being anchored to reality. While the results look good, it’s the lessons learned from the accidents and the freedom to improvise that I hope will carry over to the larger paintings.

Listen Again

TM8922 Listen Again 36x36 oil on panel

TM8922 Listen Again 36×36 oil on panel

Life can be a cacophony, and there are times when we all need a break. My solution is to bury myself in the studio, put a Yo Yo Ma compact disk in the player, and dive into some waves. The glories of Bach, Ma’s expressive cello, and my imagined sea will usually see me through. Something about the back and forth rhythm of painting waves, the way of the body aligns its movements to the music and the subject, the need to concentrate on precise linear patterns….it soothes the spirit and nourishes the soul. Maybe that explains the title. I painted my first Listen painting not long ago. This painting is titled Listen Again. I suspect there will be another……Enjoy.

Last Days of August

I love September. The cooler temperatures energize me, and the changing colors sparkle, but saying good-by to August’s light is always hard. A few more small paintings are my way of saying adieu.


From the Cape

TM8713 From the Cape 16x16 oil on panel

TM8713 From the Cape 16×16 oil on panel

The title says it all, and it doesn’t matter which cape. Hazy, bright light with the tide coming in, small-grained sand underfoot, a breeze. It’s a perfect day for a long walk on the beach, with clams at the destination.

Painting is about observation and reflection, putting into the painting one’s own mood, desires, and sometimes a bit of wish fulfillment…like those clams….or maybe fish tacos…..Enjoy!

Gallery of August Studies

Summer offers ample opportunities for doing quick oil studies on prepared paper. I think of them as experiments in spontaneity, or exercises for staying loose and keeping my reactions sharp. Either way, they are lots of fun.Some below, more to follow. Enjoy.